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Best Small Upright Freezer Reviews

Refrigeration has been an invaluable invention that increases the lifespan of your food by keeping it safely stored. Refrigerators themselves usually don’t have a ton of freezer space, so it is often necessary to get an upright freezer for your extra frozen goods like meat, pizza, and ice cream. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a best upright freezer and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Features to Look For In an Best Upright Freezer

Efficient EnergyAmple Storage CapacityExterior Temperature ControlsFlexible Storage OptionsAdjustable DividersPower Indicator LightLocking DoorLightingAutomatic DefrostersReversible Door

Efficient Energy

Not only are they better for your wallet, but they are also good for the environment. Freezers that are Energy-Star qualified will give you a low annual operating cost and also help you save energy.
Some models will have dense insulation that locks in the cold air maintaining a safe temperature to keep your food safer longer in the event you lose power. If you have a freezer with external controls and power or indicator lights, you can also save energy by not opening the door when you want to check the temperature of your appliance.

Ample Storage Capacity

Depending on the amount of food you want to regularly store, the capacity of the freezer is a big consideration. You should allocate approximately 2.5 cubic feet of storage space for your freezer for each member of the family that is living in your home. So, you will want a storage capacity of around 16 cubic feet for a family of four.
Even if you don’t have a large family, but you want to add to your refrigerator’s existing freezer space, purchasing a small upright freezer can be a good option. For storing extra frozen pizza, ice cream, and even the Thanksgiving turkey, an upright freezer can help take up some of that extra load. Plus, if you grow your own vegetables or you hit the local farmer’s market regularly, an upright freezer can help you store all of that seasonal produce, so you can enjoy it all year long.

Exterior Temperature Controls

Another feature that you want to consider is where the temperature controls are located. Most commonly you will find the temperature controls on the inside of your freezer with some models featuring convenient external control so you can adjust the temperature without letting all the cold air out.

Flexible Storage Options

Having plenty of shelves is a must for any appliance. You want to make sure that your freezer can hold all of your food and have shelves that are adjustable is a bonus. Having the ability to change your storage configuration with baskets and shelving will allow you to make your freezer change to suit your needs.

Adjustable Dividers

Dividers that are adjustable are also very useful when you want to compartmentalize or separate your food items. Many freezers have color-coded shelves, bins, and baskets that let you easily organize and separate all your different food types.

Power Indicator Light

A power indicator light is also very useful as a visible power monitor or indicator will let you know when the temperature range is dangerous. You certainly don’t want to lose a freezer full of food because you weren’t aware that the freezer had stopped working. With just a quick glance, you can easily see that your upright freezer’s power light is on providing you with reassurance while an alarm can let you know of any possible issues.

Locking Door

Making sure your best upright freezer is securely shut with a locking door feature is helpful in having peace of mind. This will not only help keep your food from becoming spoiled, it can also keep others from accessing your freezer, and keep young children safely out of it.


A bright light is also a helpful feature for an upright freezer. A long-lasting LED will help you easily find whatever you need day or night.

Automatic Defrosters

Some of the best upright freezers will have an automatic defrost feature and some are frost-free. These features help to eliminate or reduce irritating frost buildup and get rid of that annoying defrosting task.

Reversible Door

A reversible door allows you to install the hinges on either side of the door so that it opens in your preferred direction. This helps to eliminate worry about whether the door of the freezer you plan to buy opens in the right direction. This is a great flexible feature that makes it easier to find a place you’re your freezer and access your food.

Midea WHS-109FW1 – Quietest Freezer – Best upright freezer for garage use

This low noise upright freezer features high-quality at an affordable price. The Midea WHS-109FW1 features a reversible door for flexibility in room configurations, plus adjustable legs in case you need to change its height. This is an energy saving freezer that includes a mechanical temperature control to maintain temperature consistency.

The Midea also features two fixed shelves and a removable wire drawer for easy access and organization of your frozen foods. This is a quiet running freezer that doesn’t have annoying vibrations. With a small footprint, the Midea fits well into small spaces, holds a lot of food, and is perfect for dorm rooms and garages.

✅ Great little appliance, sturdy, and holds a large amount of food
✅ Perfect size, not too big or small
✅ No vibrations, plus it runs quietly


❌ The temperature control is placed in a hard to reach area
❌ Door does not stay closed

SPT UF-304SS – Most Versatile Freezer

Compact and perfect for tight spaces, the SPT UF-304SS is Energy Star certified and features three cubic feet of storage. This stainless steel upright freezer is ideal for a basement or dorm room. It also comes in handy to store extra frozen foods and bulk meats.

This good looking freezer will fit in well with your other appliances, plus, with its small footprint and flush back design, it fits into tight spaces easily. You also get versatility with the reversible door and three pull out baskets. The SPT UF-304SS also includes an adjustable thermostat and a lock that comes with a pop-out key.

✅ Perfect for an apartment use.
✅ Inexpensive to operate, good capacity.
✅ Quiet and easy to load and organize.


❌ Gets too cold.
❌ Wire baskets don’t slide out but slide out on the bottom of the shelf.

Whynter CUF-210SS – Best Overall Upright Freezer

With an innovative design, the Whynter upright freezer features 2.1 cubic feet of storage that is easily accessible. Perfect for your home, office, or yacht, the Whynter is a high-quality product that easily becomes the centerpiece of any room. With an exclusive stainless steel door, this upright freezer features two shelves that pull out making organization simple and quick.

The Whynter also features a lock and key for safety and a mechanical temperature control that ranges between -10 F and 2 F. A recessed handle gives you a flush finish and the freestanding setup requires clearance around the appliance. Measuring 20” x 17.5” x 27.5”, this freezer gives you a lot of storage in a compact freezer design.

✅ Gives you lots of storage space.
✅ Good looking refrigerator, plus it fits in well with other appliances.
✅ Perfect size, especially if you just have a small space for a freezer.


❌ Depth of freezer is not consistent throughout appliance
❌ Lock is difficult to secure

Koolatron KTUF88 – Best Dorm Room Freezer

Offering 3.1 cubic feet of storage space, the Koolatron features a compact and smooth back design. The Koolatron has the ideal size for small spaces making it a great addition to a dorm room, cottage, or at work. With two full-width fixed shelves, you have lots of options for storing and organizing your frozen goods.

The Koolatron also features an adjustable thermostat so you can set your preferred temperatures. This is a quiet appliance that does not have frost build up, and it will also hold a lot more food than you expect to make it perfect for college students.

✅ Very quiet appliance.
✅ No frosts build up.
✅ Holds a lot more food than you would expect.


❌ None

Frigidaire DMAFRIGFFFH21F6QW – Best Upright Frost-Free Freezer

Perfect for any interior, the Frigidaire FFFH21F6QW is a heavy-duty freezer that includes color-coordinated plastic baskets to help you stay organized. This is a high-performing appliance that is easily accessible and more innovative than ever. Designed and assembled in the United States, the Frigidaire is more than 24 percent more energy efficient than the previous Frigidaire 2013 Models2.

With the ArcticLock™ Thicker Walls, the Frigidaire FFFH21F6QW will keep your food frozen for over two days in the event of a power outage. It also features frost-free operation so you never have to worry about defrosting it and a bright LED light will help you find what you are looking for faster. The Frigidaire also features a power-on indicator light, easy to adjust temperature control, and a lock with a pop-out key that automatically ejects once the door is locked.

✅ High-quality freezer.
✅ Low noise with good insulation.
✅ You can order extra shelves if you need them.


❌ Does not come with good instruction.
❌ Does not come with a KEY or registration card.

Magic Chef MCUF3W2 – Most Convenient Freezer

For a convenient and compact freezer, the Magic Chef features three cubic feet of storage that is the perfect size to keep your food frozen. It also includes adjustable temperature control, a manual defrost option and a recessed handle on the reversible door. With plenty of storage, you can stock a variety of frozen food to enjoy all year long.

The Magic Chef features a flush back design that lets you fit the appliance tight up against the wall. With a clean and sleek look, the all-white door and cabinet will work well with your other appliances and the wire shelves guarantee easy removal and loading of food items. You also get added flexibility from the reversible door and easy access to the recessed door handle.

✅ Extremely roomy, doesn’t add much to your electric bill.
✅ Perfect size, not too big or small.
✅ Works really well in the garage.


❌ Coils frost very quickly
❌ Makes a lot of odd noises

Best Upright Freezer 2023 – Buying Guide

Types of Stand Alone Freezers

The two most common freezer categories are chest and upright models. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the best one comes down to personal preference.

Chest Freezers

Except for hanging baskets that are removable, chest freezers are wide open and offer more usable space than you will find in an upright. They also are a little more energy efficient and less likely to cause your food to have freezer burn. Chest freezers also have a consistently lower temperature since they don’t self-defrost like upright freezers do.
If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, the chest freezer is the better option since they will keep food frozen longer without power. They are also quieter than upright freezers.
On the downside, they are harder to organize and retrieve items from, especially with items that buried at the bottom. They also have a larger footprint and manual defrost is the only option which can be time-consuming.

Upright Freezers

Having a smaller footprint than chest freezers, uprights will take up less floor space for storage, and they are easier to organize. They include bins and shelves like a refrigerator and include the options of either manual or self-defrost. Self-defrost freezers can allow the temperature to rise temporarily which can compromise its performance if you aren’t careful. Uprights are also available in different finishes, unlike chest freezers.
Uprights that manually defrost have a difficult time with keeping their door shelves cool like the rest of the interior, and the included bins and shelves take up quite a bit of space in comparison to a chest freezer. When the power goes out, uprights will start to heat up significantly in about nine hours. They are also noisier and cost more to run, plus they also allow air to circulate inside the freezer making it more possible for your foot to become freezer burned.

Decisions to Make Before You Shop


An upright freezer can be a great way to supplement a fridge that has a freezer compartment that is too small. Since it is upright, it is easy to see everything inside and access what you want. Chest freezers can be better suited to storing meat in bulk, but it is harder to access, especially items that are way at the bottom. Upright freezers are more convenient and will often have a quick-freeze features that freeze a large amount of food fast which is great when you want to lock in the flavor of fresh vegetables. Other features to consider are safety locks to keep small children out and a soft-freeze area that keeps ice cream at a consistency that is easy to scoop.


There are four basic sizes for freezers:

  • Compact 5 cubic feet
  • Small 6 to 9 cubic feet
  • Midsize 10 to 18 cubic feet
  • Large 19 cubic feet or more

Remember that the larger the freezer, the more it will cost to run, so it’s not worth it to buy a larger freezer than you really need. If you are just looking for a freezer to store ice for parties, a compact freezer will give you enough space, but if you want to freeze a whole side of beef you will need at least a midsize freezer if not the large.


Make sure to measure the space where you plan to place your freezer leaving a few inches around it to allow for air circulation and to open the door. Also, measure the door and hallways of the path that you will be moving the freezer along to make sure it will fit every opening along the way.
If you plan to place your freezer in an area that is not heated like a garage, research the specifications for the freezer to make sure it can withstand that temperature range. You will find that most freezers will be able to handle temperatures between 32 degrees F and 100 degrees F. If you plan to keep the freezer in a living area, make sure it is a quiet model that won’t drive you nuts with a noisy compressor.


Freezers that have a manual defrost feature are quieter than freezers that automatically defrost. They also won’t dry your food out as quickly, and they are also the most energy efficient, except if you let too much ice accumulate on the inside which will cause them to lose that energy efficiency. It is worth purchasing a model that automatically defrosts itself if you’re not thrilled with the idea of manually defrosting your freezer when it reaches a half-inch of frost to accumulate inside.

Additional Features to Consider

  • If the temperature reaches an unsafe level, a temperature alarm system will sound a warning.
  • An airtight seal made with magnetic door gaskets.
  • A feature on the door that guarantees the lid or door closes automatically.
  • A feature that will keep your freezer efficiently operating at in ambient temperatures, especially if you keep your freezer in the basement, garage, or other space with an unregulated temperature.
  • Keep the freezer door locked securely with a child-lock device and pop-out key that ejects the key to stop it from being left behind in the lock.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Are frost-free upright freezers good?

A: Frost-free upright freezers have their advantages. They eliminate the need for manual defrosting, saving time and effort. They also maintain a more consistent temperature, which helps preserve the quality of frozen food.

However, they tend to be more expensive upfront and consume slightly more energy due to the built-in defrosting mechanism. Additionally, they may not be as suitable for long-term storage of certain items, as the constant circulation of air can lead to freezer burn over extended periods. Ultimately, whether a frost-free upright freezer is a good choice depends on individual preferences and priorities in terms of convenience and energy efficiency.

Q: What is the disadvantage of upright freezer?

A: One disadvantage of an upright freezer is that it typically has a higher initial cost compared to a chest freezer. Additionally, upright freezers are usually less energy-efficient because they have a front-opening door that allows more cold air to escape when opened. This can result in higher electricity bills over time.

They also have a more complex design with more moving parts, which can potentially lead to more frequent maintenance or repairs. Finally, upright freezers may have slightly less storage capacity compared to chest freezers of similar dimensions, as they have shelves and compartments that can limit the size of individual items that can be stored.

Q: What to look for when buying an upright freezer?

A: When buying an upright freezer, consider factors like capacity, energy efficiency, and features. Ensure it has sufficient storage space for your needs and fits in the intended space. Look for models with a high energy star rating to save on electricity costs. Adjustable shelving and compartments can enhance organization.

A frost-free option reduces maintenance. Consider additional features like temperature controls, interior lighting, and door alarms for added convenience. Read reviews and compare prices to find a reputable brand within your budget. Lastly, check the warranty and ensure the freezer comes with reliable customer support for any potential future issues.

Q: What is the best garage ready upright freezer?

A: The best garage-ready upright freezer depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Some reputable brands known for producing garage-ready freezers include Frigidaire, Gladiator, and Whirlpool. These brands offer models designed to withstand temperature fluctuations commonly found in garage environments.

It’s important to look for freezers with a wide operating temperature range and a reliable thermostat control. Additionally, consider factors like capacity, energy efficiency, and additional features that align with your needs. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can also provide valuable insights into the performance and suitability of different models. Ultimately, the “best” garage-ready upright freezer is one that meets your unique storage needs and budget constraints.

Q: What is the most common size of an upright freezer?

A: The most common size of an upright freezer is around 16 to 20 cubic feet (approximately 450 to 560 liters) of storage capacity. This size offers a good balance between storage space and floor space, making it suitable for many households.

It provides ample room to store a variety of frozen goods without being overly bulky or taking up too much room in the kitchen or garage. However, it’s worth noting that upright freezers come in a range of sizes, from compact models with as little as 5 cubic feet of capacity to larger units with over 20 cubic feet of space, catering to various storage needs.

When shopping for your new best upright freezer, make sure to do your research and find one that is energy-efficient that will save you money in the long run. Always make sure your freezer comes with a warranty and that you have enough space dedicated to your new freezer. Once you know what features you are looking for, it will be easy to hit the stores and find the right upright freezer for your needs.

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