Best Small Chest Freezer – Buyer’s Guide

Chest freezers offer you a lot of space to store huge chunks of meat or other bulky food. They are ideal for people who have enough room to keep them and need to freeze a lot of food. Even then, there are some that are small if you are pressed for space. Some are offered with extra storage space when you need to separate different foodstuffs. There are different aspects to consider when buying chest freezers. They should have a long functional life and will not break down on you when after you have stocked them with food.

Freezers are not created equal. You need to choose one that will meet your needs in terms of capacity, extra storage space, and budget. With the best chest freezer, as long as power remains connected, the food will stay fresh. Below are some of the top small chest freezers on the market.

TOP 10 Rated Small Chest Freezer

Small chest freezers offer you a lot of space to store huge chunks of meat or other bulky food. They are ideal for people who have enough room to keep them and need to freeze a lot of food. Even then, there are some that are small if you are pressed for space. Some are offered with extra storage space when you need to separate different foodstuffs. There are different aspects to consider when buying small chest freezers. They should have a long functional life and will not break down on you when after you have stocked them with food.

Freezers are not created equal. You need to choose one that will meet your needs in terms of capacity, extra storage space, and budget. With the best chest freezer, as long as power remains connected, the food will stay fresh. Below are some of the top small chest freezers on the market.

Danby DCFM036C1WDB 3.5 cu.ft. β€” Best for Home Use

Danby DCFM036C1WDB is one of the small freezers designed for home or commercial use. While large commercial establishments might need extra space, it will suffice for small establishments, and it is more than enough for home use. It sports smooth interior and exterior surface, making it easy to maintain irrespective of the food stocked.

It has a 98L, 3.5 Cu.ft capacity with no extra storage space. It is upon the user to arrange their food items in order to avoid spreading of flavors. The freezer is created environmentally friendly with R600a refrigerant. This, not only makes it safe for the environment, but also for the user. The freezer is designed for manual defrost and fitted with a front mount defrost drain. This makes it all easy to maintain. The unit also has a front mount mechanical thermostat, which enhances smooth running.

The freezer is recommended for home use and for small business establishments.


βœ… Large storage for a small chest freezer
βœ… Easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces
βœ… Top loading and fitted with a tight door
βœ… Lightweight and easy to move


❌ Do caster wheels for mobility

Koolatron KTCF99 3.5 cu. ft. β€” Easiest To Clean Chest Freezer

The Koolatron KTCF99 3.5 has the same storage space as the Danby reviewed above, which is the standard size for small chest freezers. It comes as an ideal addition to any home, workplace, or cottage. Small businesses can also use it to stock a lot of food. It is fitted with a front mount thermostat, which is adjustable. This lets you program your freezer to the exact temperature you need. Unlike other chest freezers, which are created big and bulky, the Koolatron KTCF99 is designed to compact to save space. It is still large enough, holding up to 99 liters.

It is fitted with a convenient defrost drain, which makes it easy to maintain. The interior of the freezer is fitted with an easy-clean liner. It is also fitted with an interior basket that makes it easy to separate and organize your food. This lets you stock even more food without mixing smells and flavors. It is recommended for home use and small businesses.

βœ… Fitted with an easy to clean interior liner
βœ… Convenient defrost drain makes it easy to maintain
βœ… Designed to offer environmentally friendly freezing
βœ… Its interior basket makes it easier for you to organize food


❌ Relatively heavy to move

Midea WHS-129C1 3.5 Cubic Feet β€” Best Energy Efficient Chest Freezer

The Midea Small Chest freezer is designed to operate swiftly under different conditions. It is a standard 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer designed for home use and for small businesses. Midea designed this freezer to save on energy use with DOE energy class. This model is designed compact to save on space, but still, hold as much food items as other standard chest freezers. It has a load capacity of 245/40 HQ.

Seeing that the freezer comes from a reputable company, it sports great features and promises to work smoothly at all times. Like other units in its class, it is fitted with a smooth and easy to clean interior liner. There is also an interior basket to separate food. Its lightweight nature makes it easier to move from one part of your house to the next. Though it is not fitted with caster wheels, it slides smoothly for positioning. You can use it for all types of foods that need freezing.

It is recommended for all home and business owners thanks to its swift operation and ease of maintenance.


βœ… Created compact to save space
βœ… Interior basket separates foods
βœ… Lightweight and easy to move around
βœ… Saves energy


❌ Frost builds up on the gasket

Avanti CF35B0W 3.5CF β€” Best Chest Freezer with Caster Wheels

Avanti CF35B0W is easy to use chest freezer fitted with a single flip-up lid at the top, for easy access. The door opens smoothly and locks tightly to keep your food frozen. The unit has an integrated handle through which users can drag it from place to place. When moving the freezer slides smoothly, thanks to the large caster wheels fitted at the bottom. It has a defrost drain through which you can manually defrost it. The interior sports an easy to clean liner, letting you maintain it with ease. The thermostat on the front part of the freezer lets you program it to the exact temperature you need for your food.

Even though it is a standard small chest freezer holding 3.4 Cubic feet of food, it is designed relatively compact and occupies less space. Its exterior surface is also designed to smooth and easy to maintain. Each unit is environmentally friendly and safe for the family. Its design and simplicity make it recommendable.

βœ… Designed simple for ease of use
βœ… Easy to adjust thermostat at the front end of the freezer
βœ… Ideal for home use and in small businesses
βœ… Fitted with caster wheels for mobility


❌ Relatively pricey

Magic Chef MCCF35W2 3.5 cu ft β€” Best Adjustable Chest Freezer

Magic Chef MCCF35W2 is another standard size small chest freezer, holding 3.5 cubic feet of food. It is a manual defrost freezer with a defrost drain for easy maintenance. It comes with a single storage basket, which makes it easy for you to separate your food and also access food that has been frozen. On its front, the unit is fitted with an adjustable temperature control, letting you set the optimal environment for frozen food in the freezer.

Like other units in its category, it is top-loading with a single door that opens with great ease. The white freezer features smooth interior and exterior surfaces, which make it easier to take care of at all times. While it is relatively wide, the unit still takes less space in your room. Its standard size is enough for use at home, hotel rooms and cottages, and in small retails stores.

Given its simple design and competitive price, the unit is highly recommended.


βœ… Easy to adjust temperature control
βœ… Designed with smooth interior and exterior surfaces for easy maintenance
βœ… Has a single basket, making it easy to access frozen food


❌ No wheels for transportation

Insignia NS-CZ35WH7 3.5 Cu. Ft. β€” Easy to Organize Chest Freezer

The Insignia NS-CZ35WH7 is a chest freezer for homeowners and businesses that need to create extra food storage. It sports a standard chest freezer design with a top loading easy to open the door, a thermostat on the front side for easy temperature adjustment, and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. It holds 3.5 Cubic feet, a standard capacity too. Its integrated defrost drains hold water, allowing you to defrost it manually. Taking care of this freezer is easy as it has common freezer features.

The freezer is fitted with a removable storage basket, letting you separate food and access the frozen food fast and with ease. The unit was created for the flexible organization, allowing you to store different types of food items. It is recommended for all who need an organized chest freezer.

βœ… Storage basket makes it easy to organize food items in the freezer
βœ… Compact and lightweight
βœ… Easy to defrost with well laid out defrost channels


❌ No transport wheels

Avanti CF35B2P 3.5CF β€” Best Eco-Friendly Chest Freezer

The Avanti CF35B2P is one of the standard small chest freezers from the company. Most of the freezers in this line from Avanti have striking features with only minor differences in their construction design. The Avanti CF35B2P sports a single flip-up lid that opens with ease and closes tightly to keep your frozen food frozen. On this lid, is a small pouch that acts as an integrated handle, letting you open the unit with great ease.

A thermostat is fitted on the front part of the freezer, letting you control the temperature within the freezer. The interior and the exterior of the freezer sport a smooth surface that is easy to clean. This freezer runs on an environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is designed for manual defrost, like most other units on this review, with defrost drain channels. It is recommended for use at home and in small businesses.

βœ… Integrated handle makes it easier to access your frozen food
βœ… Fitted with an easy to control thermostat
βœ… Runs on an environmentally friendly refrigerant
βœ… Ideal for home and small businesses


❌ Not designed easy to move – with no mobility wheels

SMETA SXD-200-1 2.4 cu ft β€” Best Gas Chest Freezer

The SMETA SXD-200-1 is a gas/propane chest freezer. It is a 2-way absorption chest freezer that does not use compressors or fans. The absorption system operates silently and smoothly. By virtue of being gas operated, it means the freezer does not produce vibration, no Freon, it has low energy consumption and produces no pollution of any kind.

The capacity of the freezer is relatively low, holding only 2.4 cubic feet of food items. Nonetheless, this chest freezer is still ideal for use at home, hotels, villa, farms, and chalets among other places. It allows great organization thanks to its removable shelves and its tall container storage. This way, you can stock different food items without the worry of mixing smells and flavors. Its clean and smooth operation makes it recommendable.

βœ… Offers clean operation with no pollution and no noise
βœ… Designed with shelves for easy food organization
βœ… Compact design and lightweight for easy movement


❌ Relatively pricey
❌ Low storage capacity

Midea WHS-79C1 2.1 Cubic Feet β€” Best Small Size Chest Freezer

Midea WHS-79C1 has a relatively smaller capacity of 2.1 cubic feet. It features the same great quality of Midea electronics and offers a smooth operation as long as it is set right. It has a mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat. This lets you adjust the temperature from a max of -12 to a min of -28. This makes the unit ideal for storage of frozen food, ice, and ice cream among others.

It is offered with a single hanging wire basket, letting you organize your food in the freezer with ease. Its hinge style door stays open between 45 and 75-degree angles. This makes it easy to access your frozen food. With its relatively low capacity, the unit is designed to compact and lightweight. It is for users who do not need a lot of space or those who need additional storage capacity. The manufacturer offers you a 2-year warranty.

βœ… Great price for budget shoppers
βœ… Doors stays open for easy access
βœ… Generous 2-year warranty


❌ Relatively low storage capacity

Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu. ft. β€” Best Commercial Small Chest Freezer

When you need more space on a small chest freezer, the Haier HF50CM23NW offers you up to 5.0 cu. Ft., which is more than any other freezer on this list. You get extra storage space at the same cost you would buy a 3.5 cu. ft. freezer. It sports an upright design that saves time at home or in the office. The unit is designed to save space, letting you store perishables and frozen food. The white freezer comes with a removable basket, letting you organize your stocked food and also making it easier for you to access food items that you frequently cook.

This freezer has a built-in defrost drain, which lets the water run off easily. The manual defrosting is mess free in with this freezer. On the front part of the freezer is an adjustable thermostat that lets you control the temperature inside the freezer. If you need more space than the standard 3.5 cu. Ft., the Haier HF50CM23NW is a recommendable choice for you.

βœ… Relatively high storage capacity
βœ… Easy to adjust thermostat
βœ… Storage wire basket for organization


❌ Occupies more space

Small Chest Freezer Buyer’s Guide

Chest freezers come in handy for long term storage of bulk food. For those with a large family, chest freezer will make it easy for you to shop groceries. It also acts as a backup to your main fridge, ensuring that you never run out of food. These simple units save you money and also numerous trips to the supermarket.

Most chest freezers on the market sport the same technology and same design. They have an upright design with a lid at the top. The lid stays open at a range of degrees, giving you easy access to the chest. Some are accommodated by a storage wire basket, which make it easy for you to organize your freezer as well as access items that are used most of the time. A large majority of these freezers sport smooth surfaces interiorly and exteriorly, and this makes them easy to clean. Again, the freezers are fitted with manual defrost systems, with defrost drain channels from where water run.

Looking at the features, there are only a few factors that you need to consider when you are shopping for a chest freezer. Some of these factors include:

Storage Capacity

Small chest freezers range in size between 50L to about 170L or a little higher – this is between 2 Cu. Ff. to about 6 Cu. Ft. These small chest freezers offer enough space for home use, but they can also be used in small business, in lodges, offices, and other places. They are ideal when you need additional freezing.

Note that, the bigger the chest freezer, the more the energy it will consume. It costs money to run a freezer, which is half-empty and it is also not environmentally friendly. This means that you need to choose carefully to ensure you have just the right size for your family, office, or business.

You also need to keep in mind where you will place the chest freezer. The kitchen might be your obvious location, but for large models, the freezer might not fit in small kitchen. You might, therefore, consider an extra room where you place the freezer away from other items. The room should be easy to access and should allow room for ventilation.

Some people place their freezers in the garage, which makes it easy to transfer groceries from the car. A garage that is not insulated will mean the freezer using more power especially in the summer. When shopping, measure the space where you will keep it, taking into consideration the access points. Again, ensure there is power supply nearby.

Energy Efficiency

Chest freezers are general energy efficient unlike upright freezers. This is so as there is only less cold air that escapes when you open the door. However, you will have to manually defrost these freezers. Even then, the defrosting process is made easier as the unit has a defrost drain with a plug at the base. This lets you defrost fast.

Chest freezers, like other electrical appliances, have an energy efficiency star rating label. The more stars on the label, the higher the energy efficiency of the freezer. You should note that the larger the unit, the more energy the freezer will use.

Most of the freezers are powered by electricity, but some are powered by gas/propane. Propane chest freezers are relatively expensive, but they operate smoothly, silently and without any form of pollution.

Safety Features

On almost all chest freezers, users are able to adjust the temperature, allowing them to store different food items. A thermostat fitted on the front of freezer lets you adjust the temperature for easy management. Besides, the freezer might have a temperature warning light. The light alerts you when the temperature is too hot or too cold. This is one way to keep your fresher for long periods. When the temperature is well maintained, you reduce waste, save money and time spent shopping.

For better security and efficiency of the freezer, you need to ensure that children stay away from the freezer. A model that features a child lock on its door is a great option when you have kids.

Counterbalance Lid

A counterbalanced lid is the one that stays open without the need for you to hold it up. When the door is propped safely, in most cases between 45 and 75 degrees, it is easier for you to use both hands to access items from your freezer, limiting the time the freezer stays open. The counterbalanced door also comes in handy when you are unloading your groceries into the freezer.


The dimensions of the freezer will determine the space it takes. Some freezers are wide and short while some have a narrow base and are relatively high. This affects the size that the freezer takes. Again, the dimensions will affect how you organize your food items. Ensure that the freezer has an interior storage basket to enhance organization and accessibility. Some freezers also have shelves for better organization.


Some of the top performers in chest freezers include Avanti, Midea, and Danby among others. Even though these are the top freezers, buyers need to ensure that they get a freezer that meets their needs. When you need more freezing space in your house, office, or business, a chest freezer comes in handy. You will find that most of the freezers have the same technologies. This is where you need to be extra keen and look at minor aspects such as safety features.

Chest freezers are easy to setup and are nearly maintenance free. With their smooth and easy to clean interior and exterior surfaces, you only need to wipe them and defrost them, they will operate optimally. You should also consider your budget and the value that a freezer offers you. This is especially true when two or more freezers have the same features.

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