Best Chest Freezer 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

There are many practical reasons to purchase a new chest freezer. In an effort to save money, maybe you are considering buying in bulk from a warehouse club and need ample room for your frozen food items. During a fruitful hunting season, a chest freezer becomes a necessary purchase for properly storing a variety of meats. If you are on a new quest for health and wellness and are preparing nutritious meals in bulk once a week, your refrigerator may not have enough freezer space for your foods; you may need to invest in a small chest freezer for organizing your labeled and dated meals.

Top 8 Rated Chest Freezer

ProductEnergy usage (per year)WeightDimensions 
Midea WHS-129C1193 kWh59.5D 21.7 W 33.5 H 22.2 inchescheck price
Midea WHS-185C1218 kWh63.9D 28,7 W 20,6 H 33,5 inchescheck price
🌟 Danby DCF072A2WDB1 (Editor’s Choice)252 kWh94D 22.2 W 39.9 H 33.1 inchescheck price
Haier HF50CM23NW216 kWh71.6D 22 W 28.5 H 33.2 inchescheck price
Danby DCF055A1WDB1224 kWh42D 22.2 W 32.4 H 33.1 inchescheck price
Haier HF71CL53NW248 kWh90D 23 W 39.2 H 34,6 inchescheck price
Midea WHS-258C1250 kWh70,48D 20.6 W 37.2 H 33.5 inchescheck price
Saba SCF-27--102D 26.2 W 27.8 H 34.5 inchescheck price

In many smaller homes and spaces, a chest freezer is essential. Small apartments, condominiums and college dorms often lack space for a full-size refrigerator. A small chest freezer easily nestles into any corner without taking up too much room.

Depending on the desired features and size needed, chest freezers can be quite a monetary investment. Aside from the initial upfront cost, you want to choose a unit that is easy to afford from an operational and consumption standpoint. You also want to make sure you have taken precise measurements to ensure that the freezer can be positioned in a way that it does not compromise the compressor. It is important to leave at least an inch on each side of the freezer to allow for proper air flow and ventilation, and it is equally important to make sure there is ample space above the freezer to allow room for the lid to open and close.

Features like child safety locks, organizational baskets, and extended warranties are also important features to consider when making your purchase. The best and most efficient chest freezers will also display the Energy Star certification seal. Here are 8 of the top chest freezers available on the market today.

Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door 3.5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer: Best For Families With Small Children

The 3.5 Cubic Foot Midea WHS-129C1 freezer packs a lot of features in at an affordable price point. This particular Midea model appeals vastly to homes with small children and those who travel a lot in RVs because it is whisper quiet. It will hold approximately 123 pounds of frozen food in the 3.5 cubic foot size choice. There are three sizes available in this particular model, with the 3.5 cubic foot unit being the top seller.

It features a mechanical control unit with an adjustable thermostat that ranges from -12 to -28 degrees. There is one hanging metal storage basket inside and two affixed shelves. Parents are fond of the hinged-style door that stays open at multiple angles and prevents little hands from accidentally getting crushed or squished.

At the halfway temperature setting, the Midea WHS-129C1 unit will completely freeze a gallon of water in approximately 5 hours. The Midea company’s core specialties are in air conditioning and cooling products, so they are one of the top industry leaders in freezers and are recommended as reliable and durable for long-term use.


✅ Customers love how whisper-quiet the motor is and how easy it is to set up and maneuver the unit into place.
✅ Customers are also very happy with the care taken in packaging; there are very few reports of the freezer arriving damaged or dented due to sub-par packaging during shipment.
✅ It is also noted that anyone 5’4″ or taller will not need to use a stool to reach the items in the very bottom of the freezer.


❌ There is very little vibration with the unit, but some customers have remarked that it occasionally does have a low hum.

Midea WHS-185C1 Single Door Chest Freezer, 5.0 Cubic Feet: Ideal For People Who Buy in Bulk

The Midea WH-185C1 model is very similar to the WHS-129C1 model, but the 5.0 model can hold up to a whopping 175 pounds of food. This unit also features the same adjustable thermostat settings and various angle settings that stay firmly in place when positioned.

This unit, along with the WHS-129C1 model, also features a manual and built-in defrost drain. This feature makes it very easy to clean out your freezer and tackle any unexpected messes or spills.

If you enjoy buying in bulk from warehouse clubs or like to stock up when your local butcher offers unbeatable savings on meat, this is the ideal freezer for the job. This freezer is large enough to comfortably house a quarter of beef or an entire hog. Customers give this unit top ratings across the board.

✅ This model is very easy to maneuver and put in place despite its size. Setting up this particular unit can easily be done by one person.
✅ Its large size accommodates large-volume warehouse purchases and bulk meat with ease.


❌ Some customers wish there was more than one hanging metal basket and more than two affixed shelves.

Danby DCF072A2WDB1 Chest Freezer, 7.2 Cubic Feet: Easiest To Clean And The Most Environmentally Friendly

The Danby DCF072A2WDB1 model is among the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective models available on the market boasting R600a refrigerant. Additionally, this model also showcases an energy-efficient lid with a foam insulated cabinet. Eco-Conscious consumers gravitate towards this Danby DCF072A2WDB1 unit.

The interior features an adjustable wire basket for keeping frequently-used items within quick reach. There is also one compartment divider to keep like items together and aid in the organization within the freezer.

In addition to being energy efficient, there is also a front-mounted thermostat that is easy to install and access. The interior also has a manual defrost system and drain, and this particular model also features a unique liner that is specifically designed to make cleaning a cinch. The liner is an aluminum material that is designed to resist rust.

While it is large in overall size, it easily passes through most doorways and is easy to maneuver thanks to the rear castors. The two front mounting legs make leveling easy. The Danby DCF072A2WDB1 model weighs in at 80 pounds and can hold up to 204 liters of space.

The Danby DCF072A2WDB1 comes with a full one-year warranty, and Danby is one of the only companies offering in-home servicing. Parts and labor are included during the full year. The Danby DCF072A2WDB1 is a recommended purchase by consumers.

✅ Customers appreciate that this unit is particularly environmentally friendly.
✅ This freezer is very easy to maneuver.
✅ It is one of the easiest units to clean.


❌ Some customers have remarked that the freezer can get a bit of snowy ice build up on the interior.

Haier HF50CM23NW Capacity Chest Freezer: 5.0 Cubic Feet: Most Affordable

If you are on a budget or are looking for a second freezer chest for your home, the Haier HF50CM23NW freezer gets rave reviews by consumers. This particular model does not scrimp on features simply because it is modestly priced.

The Haier HF50CM23NW can hold up to a whopping 175 pounds of food and also features a removable basket for quick access to essentials. There are no additional organizational shelves in the unit, but it still has an easy-access drain system and an adjustable thermostat control.

The Haier HF50CM23NW has a unique flat-back design that saves a ton of space in small apartments, dorms, condos, garages and RVs. Many customers purchased this freezer specifically as a second unit or for their office exclusively because of the space-saving design.

✅ This Haier is one of the most affordable chest freezers on the market.
✅ The smooth exterior front surface is easy to clean.
✅ It has a space-saving design.


❌ A few customers say it completely dies after a year or two.
❌ It does not offer much in the way of interior organization.

Midea WHS-258C1 Balanced Hinge Design Chest Freezer, 7 Cubic Feet: Easiest To Open And Close

The Midea WHS-258C1 chest freezer has a lot of the standard features you would expect to see in a chest freezer. The adjustable and manual thermostat is easy to access and adjust, and the interior features a removable organizer basket. This model also has the energy-saving R600a refrigerant.

What sets the Midea WHS-258C1 apart from other chest freezers is the unique handle design and balanced hinge. The recessed handle is a great space-saving feature, and the balanced hinge is ideal for people who are in and out of the unit a lot grabbing things out or loading the freezer with food. If you host a lot of family dinners or throw weekly parties for friends during football Sunday, this freezer will make loading and retrieving foods and beverages very easy. The balanced and hinged lid also makes it very easy to clean to freezer.

✅ This freezer is easy to load and clean.
✅ The recessed handle saves space.


❌ There are not many customer reviews available for comparison shopping purposes.
❌ It can be hard to maneuver.

27″ Saba Air SCF-27 Curved Glass Chest Freezer: The Most Deluxe And Feature Packed/Easiest To Transport/Ideal For Commercial Use

Among the available choices of chest freezers on the market, the Saba Air SCF-27 is one of the most luxurious. Their extensive service and support network boasts over 350 specially-trained technicians. They offer a one-year warranty on parts and service and a unique five-year warranty for the compressor for both residential and commercial use.

The Saba Air SCF-27 freezer has multiple baskets for an interior organization, separation, and quick access. Unlike many other chest freezers, this unit has four casters for super-easy transporting; it glides very smoothly out of the way for quick access to spills or to sweep behind and around the unit. It also showcases a quick-access defrost drain and will maintain temperatures from -18 to 10 degrees.

Made from a unique combination of zinc, stainless steel, and baked-on enamel materials, the Saba Air SCF-27 is specifically designed to protect against damage from corrosion and rust. The unique curved glass doors provide a clear viewing area for customers and make inventory easy for store owners in a commercial setting. In a residential environment, the clear glass doors make it easy to spot items at a glance, so you do not spend a lot of wasted time rummaging through the freezer to locate foods. This unit also has one of the sleekest and upscale looks of any chest freezer on the market.

One of the unique features of the Saba Air SCF-27 is the variety of thermostat options and settings it offers. It can be customized to run as either a refrigerator or a freezer with the easy-to-adjust thermostat.

The Saba Air SCF-27 has one of the most powerful compressors available in a chest freezer. You will be able to count on this unit being durable, reliable and consistent for many years. This model also features lockable doors for added security and convenience for customers or if small children are present. The Saba Air SCF-27 is a top-recommended unit for both in-home and commercial use.


✅ It is very easy to maneuver and transport.
✅ This model has a classy and sleek design.
✅ There is an abundance of interior organization and compartments.
✅ It is easy to take inventory and see selections thanks to the clear viewing glass.


❌ It is on the higher price side of the retail market for a chest freezer.
❌ There are not many customer reviews available for comparison shopping purposes.

Commonly Asked Questions About Chest Freezers

Q: Which freezer brand is best?

A: The best freezer brand is subjective and depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Some reputable options include Frigidaire, known for its energy-efficient models and diverse range of sizes.

Whirlpool is highly regarded for its durability and innovative features, while GE offers advanced technology and reliable performance. It’s crucial to consider factors like size, capacity, energy efficiency, and additional features that suit your needs. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can also provide valuable insights. Ultimately, the “best” brand is the one that aligns with your unique requirements and budget.

Q: Do chest freezers last longer than upright freezers?

A: Chest freezers tend to have a longer lifespan compared to upright freezers. This is primarily because chest freezers have a simpler design with fewer moving parts, which means there are fewer components that can potentially break down. Additionally, chest freezers have a top-opening lid that helps to retain cold air, making them more energy-efficient and reducing strain on the compressor.

Upright freezers, on the other hand, have a more complex design and a front-opening door, which can lead to more frequent temperature fluctuations. While both types of freezers can last for many years with proper care, chest freezers generally have a reputation for greater durability and longevity.

Q: Is it better to keep a chest freezer full?

A: Yes, it is generally better to keep a chest freezer full. When a chest freezer is filled, the items inside help to retain cold air, which reduces the frequency of temperature fluctuations when the freezer is opened. This results in improved energy efficiency and helps the freezer to maintain a more consistent low temperature.

Additionally, a full freezer can recover its temperature more quickly after being opened, which helps to preserve the quality of the stored food. If you don’t have enough items to fill the freezer, you can use containers filled with water to take up space and help maintain the optimal conditions for food storage.

Q: Where should you not put a chest freezer?

A: A chest freezer should not be placed in locations with extreme temperature fluctuations, such as near a radiator or in direct sunlight. It’s also important to avoid placing it in areas with high humidity or where it may be exposed to water or moisture.

Additionally, it’s not advisable to place a chest freezer in a tight, enclosed space without proper ventilation, as this can hinder the unit’s cooling efficiency. Finally, ensure there’s enough space around the freezer for air circulation, and avoid placing it on uneven surfaces that could affect its stability and performance.

Q: How Do I Maximize The Efficiency Of A Chest Freezer To Save Energy And Money On Monthly Maintenance Costs?

A: The best placement for a chest freezer is in a cool corner of a room and away from other heat-producing appliances. Make sure to leave at least an inch of room around all sides of the unit for maximum efficiency and ventilation; this will prevent the compressor from having to overwork itself to keep the freezer cool. Also, keep the freezer set at zero to reduce energy costs. If you prepare a lot of hot dishes in advance to freeze for weekly meals, give the prepared dishes time to cool before placing them in the freezer.

Q: Can you keep chest freezer in garage?

A: Yes, you can keep a chest freezer in a garage, but there are some considerations. Garages are subject to temperature fluctuations, so it’s important to choose a freezer model designed to withstand the range of temperatures in your area.

Extremely hot or cold environments can affect the freezer’s performance. In colder climates, the freezer may have to work harder to maintain its set temperature. Additionally, make sure the garage has proper electrical outlets to support the freezer. If the garage lacks climate control, consider insulating the freezer or using a temperature-regulating device to ensure optimal performance.

Related chest freezers

Danby DCF055A1WDB1

Haier HF71CL53NW

There are many factors to consider when buying a chest freezer. You need to take your lifestyle and available space into careful consideration. You can then narrow your search results down by desired features. Energy efficiency in a freezer may be more important to some than a unit offering tons of organizational components. If you are a single person or have mobility issues, you may require a lightweight chest freezer or a unit with multiple rolling casters for easy transporting and setup.

A buyer’s guide, like this one, takes a lot of the guesswork out of purchasing a chest freezer. A lot of the research has been done for you, so you can ensure you are making an informed decision and investing in a freezer that suits your specific needs. You can compare specifications, price and energy efficiency with a buyer’s guide; you can also sift through customer reviews on each unit within the guide. This takes a lot of the time, hassle, and confusion out of searching for the perfect chest freezer for your home or business.

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