Best Compact Freezer – Buyer’s Guide

Picture your food storage space. Is there something missing? Maybe space in the tiny freezer included with your kitchen refrigerator? Maybe you could use some extra freezer storage but are unwilling or unable to buy those large chest freezers you’ve seen around.

The good news is that just like dorm size refrigerators, you can also get a compact freezer for smaller spaces. If you don’t have a lot of storage needs, but just need a little extra space, there are models of compact freezers to fit in almost any sort of space.

There are lots of reasons you might be in the market for a small freezer. You could be cooking ahead and trying to get your health organized. You could be a hunter and need to preserve the meat you’ve acquired. Maybe you’re a gardener and have more produce than you can eat in a season.

Top Rated Mini Deep Freezers

EdgeStar CRF150SS-142 lbsD 20.9 W 19.8 H 18.1check price
Whynter CUF-110B36 lbsD 17.7 W 18.5 H 19.5check price
Whynter CUF-210SS 🌟 Editor's Choice44 lbsD 20 W 17.5 H 27.5check price
MIDEA WHS-79C159.5 lbsD 21.1 W 19.6 H 33.8check price
EdgeStar CMF151L-143.1 lbsD 18.5 W 18 H 19check price
MIDEA WHS-52FB140.1 lbsD 18.6 W 17.7 H 19.4check price
Sunpentown UF-150W43 lbsD 18.5 W 17.8 H 19.5check price
SPT UF-114SS41.9 lbsD 18.5 W 17.5 H 19.4check price

Whatever the reason, having a small freezer to store all of life’s extra food is never a bad thing. It’ll save you money on your grocery bill by having a place to store extra, and will save you the headache of stuffing a standard freezer full of things (and the headache of buying things you don’t actually need because things have gotten lost in the back.)

There are many different features and sizes of freezers. Some are even convertible from fridge to freezer to give you even more options. It’s important to decide ahead of time what you plan to use the freezer, and how much storage you need, as this will help you determine your true size requirements.

We’ve compiled a list of small freezers that are excellent buys. They are sorted based on affordability, organization, and construction. Keep reading to find out our picks for best compact freezers and a buyer’s guide that will give you everything you need to choose the best model for your needs.

EdgeStar CRF150SS-1

The first freezer on the list is the Edge Star, a stainless steel, locking side freezer. It comes with two keys, so if you plan to store this outside where someone might be able to get to it (in the garage for example), you can keep the contents safe.

It’s also good for a roommate situation. It’s small enough to be in a room but has full thermostatic control and a reversible door. It is Energy Star compliant and has a small footprint.


✅ Functions as a fridge or freezer.
✅ Flush back for saving space.
✅ Locks and comes with two keys.


❌ Condensation can be heavy.
❌ Food should be wrapped carefully.

Whynter CUF-110B — Compact Upright Freezer

The Whynter CUF 110B is a free-standing freezer with a lock feature. It has a small footprint, so it is perfect for an apartment or single room. It comes with a mechanical temperature adjustment and a range between -10 degrees and 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The door handle is recessed, and one of the shelves removes. It weighs only 36 pounds and has a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet.


✅ Small all around and lightweight.
✅ Locks and comes with two keys
✅ Energy star compliant


❌ Cannot be used as a fridge.
❌ On the smaller storage side.

Whynter CUF-210SS – Best Compact Freezer

The Whynter CUF 210 is a compact, stainless steel freezer with a locking mechanism. It’s a bit larger than the previous Whynter on the list. It has a reversible door and features compressor cooling.

Two of the shelves remove to make storage customizable. It has a mechanical temperature control with temperatures between -10 degrees and 2 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires a small bit more clearance around the unit but is still a space-saving option.


✅ A little over two cubic feet of storage
✅ Manual defrost
✅ More removable shelves


❌ Requires more clearance in the back
❌ The depth of the freezer is not consistent

MIDEA WHS-79C1 — Best Mini Chest Freezer

The Midea Single Door Chest freezer is a larger unit with a freezer range of -28 degrees to -12 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a single wire basket on the inside and a larger storage capacity.

The hinge style door remains open at 45 and 75-degree angles. It has a manual frost control and an internal drain to make cleaning much easier. The temperature dial is located on the front rather than the back.


✅ Colder temperatures
✅ Long power cord and exceptionally quiet


❌ No locking feature
❌ Needs more clearance for safety reasons

EdgeStar CMF151L-1

The EdgeStar is a small footprint, medical grade freezer with a front locking mechanism. It features a recessed, European style handle and comes with two keys for the lock.

Because it’s medical grade, it reaches temperatures lower than a normal compact freezer. It has a manual temperature dial and reaches a minimum of -4 degrees Fahrenheit.


✅ Rated for medical storage
✅ Smaller footprint for easier installation
✅ Approved locking feature.
✅ Achieves much colder temperatures than the average mini freezer.


❌ Smaller size means less storage overall
❌ Frost buildup requires weekly maintenance.


The second Midea on the list is a freezer with a reversible door, removable storage shelf, and no door storage to interfere with internal storage. The legs are adjustable. It has a mechanical temperature control, and manual defrost.

The unit is on the smaller side and is Energy Star compliant. It needs less clearance all around, and the storage is adjustable. It features whisper-quiet technology so it won’t cause a lot of static noise.


✅ Adjustable legs and reversible door.
✅ Energy Star compliant
✅ Small footprint.


❌ No locking feature.
❌ Sides are tapered internally.

Sunpentown UF-150W

The Sunpentown is a compact freezer with a reversible door, locking feature, and adjustable front legs. It has a flush back design to make placing it very easy. The handle is recessed.

It’s on the smaller side at 1.1 cubic feet, but it reaches true zero in temperature. It will keep plenty cold for your needs. It has two keys and interior shelving to help organize goods inside.


✅ Runs quietly
✅ Easy to install because of the flush back.
✅ Reaches true zero.


❌ On the smaller side.
❌ The compressor can cause some noise if the freezer is not leveled properly.


The SPT is a smaller footprint freezer with a locking feature and manual defrost. The door is reversible, and the package includes one key. The back is flush to save space in installation and has front leveling legs.

It has an adjustable thermostat, a removable shelf, and a lower ambient temperature than other freezers. It is a quiet model and is Energy Star compliant.


✅ Reaches true zero Fahrenheit
✅ Flush back makes installation easier.
✅ Locking feature


❌ Smaller storage capacity
❌ Must defrost regularly to maintain optimal space and operation.

Compact Freezer Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a compact freezer might seem simple, but there are a few thing you have to keep in mind to get exactly the right unit for your needs. Instead of rushing off to buy the biggest “small” freezer you can find, or choose one with the lowest temperature option, let’s take a look at how different features might influence the model you decide to buy.


Size is one of the biggest factors in choosing the correct model, but it isn’t just about the storage size. There are quite a few different things to consider when thinking about what size you need.

Compact freezers come in small to very small. It’s not enough to measure the outside of the unit as they have different shapes and different types of shelving. Some of them aren’t truly symmetrical either.

You need to compare cubic interior feet and decide how much space you really need. You also need to consider how that space is organized. If you are storing things that stack well, shelves might be unnecessary. However, if you are storing medications, more shelves will make finding things easier and cut down on unusable space.

You also need to keep in mind that freezers require a small amount of clearance to allow for air circulation. You cannot block the vent features so leave the room when you measure your space. Also, leave room for the door to maneuver in whichever direction you choose.

It should be out of the footpath to prevent injury or upending the freezer. Since you’re buying a compact freezer, you shouldn’t have any trouble moving it through doorways and hallways but measure to be sure.

Compact models are upright freezers, meaning the door opens from the front rather than the side. The type of storage and size will depend on this orientation. Things that are symmetrical and stack well are a better use of the type of space. Things that don’t stack well will need

Temperature and Freeze Range

Freezers should be cold, so just pick the coldest option right? Not necessarily. This also is subject to your individual needs.

Not all freezers reach the same range of temperatures. If you are storing medications, there are medical grade freezers that will reach the minimum temperatures to keep medications good for longer periods.

If you are storing tv dinners, you might not need such extreme temperature controls. It also helps to look at how much frost maintenance is needed. If a lower temperature is necessary for you, the tradeoff might be defrosting more often.

You can also find models with a soft freeze option. If you store something like ice cream, it might be difficult to scoop if the entire freezer is the same temperature. In some compartments, the temperature can be more useful for a soft freeze option.

What you do need is a temperature that is consistent. Make sure the model you pick maintains temperature through all kinds of conditions. Otherwise, you might be looking at a mess. Check the specifications if you plan to keep the freezer in an environment with a fluctuating temperature as this might affect the freezer’s consistency.

Another factor is outside temperatures. Ambient temperatures can vary. If you plan to keep the freezer in an unheated basement, for example, that’s a much different space than in your bedroom. Be sure to check the freezer’s specifications to find out what sorts of environmental temperatures the unit can handle.

Another feature to consider is blackout performance. Most compact freezer models include specifications that will tell you how long the freezer will maintain temperature once power is out. This might not be a problem for you if your freezer is in hour house, but those using the freezer in other situations might need to consider this more carefully.

A final option to consider is whether you want a freezer that can be converted into a refrigerator. If different people plan to use the unit at different times, you might not want to be stuck with an extra freezer, especially if you have people going off to college or you plan to move out of your roommate situation.

Also, if your food storage needs change throughout the year, this ability to switch might also come in handy. You can freeze when you need to store produce and convert to a fridge during times of abundance.

Extra features in compact freezer

Compact freezers come with all sorts of features. The first is where the control knob is located. For most, it’s located in the back, but on some models, the temperature control is in the front. If it’s going to be difficult for you to move the unit to adjust the temperature, having the control on the door will save a lot of headaches.

You can also decide if you need shelving and if that shelving needs to be removable. Interior shelves come with standard and wire shelves, baskets and door shelving. Door shelving will cut down on interior space.

If you need to protect the contents of your freezer, some models come with a lock. Some of these locks are rated to preserve medical supplies. Locks might not be necessary for simple food storage, but if your freezer will be in an easily accessible place, or if you are storing medications, locking is a must.

You might want to find a model that comes with more than one key, so you have a spare, but this isn’t a deal breaker.


There are a lot of ways that you can save space when installing a compact freezer. MOdels that have reversible doors free you to make better decisions about where the unit can go. Just adjust the door to accommodate your decision.

Some models are flush in the back so that they can sit closer to the wall. They don’t need as much clearance. You need to find the balance between the exterior space and the interior storage.

Some of them feature adjustable legs to level the freezer in spaces that aren’t naturally level, and to raise the height of the freezer if that’s something you need.

Think about exactly the type of space you have to store a freezer and use that to choose how much freezer you want to buy. You might think you need the largest capacity, but realistically this isn’t always the case.

Defrosting method

Models with manual defrost tend to run more quietly than those with an auto-defrost. If you choose this option, it helps to have a model with a built-in drain or at least a hose to help with the drainage.

If your model doesn’t have any of those features, then your only option is to soak up the excess water with a towel. If you are consistent about defrosting, this might not be an issue.

If you aren’t consistent, then manual defrost might be more of a pain than its worth. Frost build up not only reduces the amount of your unit’s storage, but it also reduces the freezing efficiency. It uses more energy and is likely to break if left unmanaged.

Energy efficiency

Many models are highly efficient and Energy Star compliant. The smaller the unit, the less energy it takes to run.

A rule of thumb is to buy the smallest possible freezer for your needs because any extra space in the interior is just wasted space. Freezers are always more efficient when full, so take your needs into careful consideration.

It takes on average between $30 and $50 per year to run compact freezers, so decide what you plan to store ahead of time and factor that into your grocery savings, for example.

A compact freezer is a great option for storing extra freezables, medicines, and produce. It makes a lot of sense if you’re in a situation where you need the extra space for your food or other things.

We hope this list has helped you make some serious decisions about your compact freezer needs. Make sure to share this content with anyone who might need it. How are you going to get your freezer needs met?

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