Upright Freezer Midea WHS-109FW1 Reviews

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  1. This little freezer is exactly what we wanted and needed. It is small enough and the same size as the refrigerator that we sat it on. Works great as a second spill over size for our regular bottom freezer we use as the main freezer.

  2. Delivered a day earlier than originally scheduled but no surprise as I kept track of the process. UPS delivered it and since I was home, it came right into my garage. Beware of this because if no one is home, it will be left out in front just like any other package. We purchased it for our longer term frozen stuff to take some load off the limited freezer space in the kitchen refrigerator/freezer. Very well packed in a double layer box of heavy duty cardboard with 4 binding straps all around. Take off the straps, slide up the outside box, then open the inside box and slid it off then take off all the Styrofoam, plastic bag. Really slick. Did not have to tip the box in any direction to open it. Read the manual first to make sure you get everything off before plugging it in. There is also a bottom of the carton that is super heavy duty with more foam and thick corrugated cardboard. Follow the instructions on the start up. Warning, when I plugged it in I could not hear it running. I had to check and found out it was. Very quiet. I have had this about 3 weeks now. Currently keeping -5 deg F and not running constantly to maintain it. This brings up the one negative point I have about this design. The thermostat is located in the back, on the right (as you face the front door) near the bottom in the compressor compartment. So adjusting the temperature is a real pain where I have had to place the freezer. That is why I did not give it a 5. Nice shelves with refrigerant coils on every shelf so temperature should be very even inside. Nice finish with no scratches what so ever. Did not have to change sides for door opening so I cannot comment on that. Considering the safety certification and the design, I suppose the price is fairly reasonable. Being a senior boomer, I still have some sticker shock. Our first freezer we bought back in 1968 was twice the cu. ft. and only cost around $100. We had that for about 30 years. Moved it all over the country and never needed any repair. It was still working fine when we got ride of it along time ago but it was starting to rust in the corners. Doubt this one will come even close to that. Still, it is a good purchase and suits our needs just fine.

  3. This 3 foot upright freezer is just what we’ve been looking for to use for extra storage for our Frozen food. We’ll be using it in the basement. the size is perfect for our needs, small enough to fit in tight quarters but big enough to hold all of our extra frozen food. it’s nice looking. the price was good compared to other retailers. It arrived two days sooner than delivery estimate. Four stars from us

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