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Kegco Full Size Kegerator Dispenser Stainless — Best Keg Refrigerator

  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: With a digital LED display and intuitive controls, it is easy to set and verify the internal temperature of this home brew keg refrigerator. No more guessing what temperature the number on a manual dial will produce – simply press the up or down button, and the temperature is adjusted by one degree. You can view the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius on the clear digital display.
  • WIDE ENOUGH TEMPERATURE RANGE TO DISPENSE OR FERMENT: Fan-forced cooling provides even cooling throughout the kegerator, and gives it one of the coldest temperature ranges of any keg cooler on the market today. The temperature can be set as low as 32 degrees to dispense ice cold home-brewed beer, or as high as 75 degrees to act as a fermentation chamber for your fermenting brew.
  • LARGE INTERIOR: Store up to three Cornelius ball lock kegs in the HBK309S-2’s spacious interior, or use it to hold a 6 gallon bucket or carboy of fermenting homebrew. This keg refrigerator can even be used to store food and other beverages! It measures 33.25″ H x 23.6″ W x 23.6″ D.
  • DEEP CHILL FUNCTION: At the push of a button, you can activate a Deep Chill function that forces the compressor to work continuously for up to 24 hours, quickly cooling down a warm beer keg. Once the keg has reached the desired temperature, you can push the Deep Chill button again to return the unit to it’s normal operation.
  • CONVERTS TO A REFRIGERATOR WITH 2 SHELVES: We could all use a little more refrigerated storage! When you’re not using this kegerator to dispense home-brew beer, you can easily convert it into an all-refrigerator using the two included shelves. These shelves are adjustable, and can be placed far enough apart to accommodate 2-liter bottles or gallon jugs. Thanks to the HBK309S-2’s wide available temperature range, you can even use this unit to store bottles of wine!

Kegerator Dispenser Atosa Commercial Refrigerator

  • Barrel Capacity: 2 half barrels Capacity: 17.3 cu. ft. Dimensions: 57.8″ x 28.1″ x 42.2
  • 115v/60/1-ph
  • Amps: 2.3
  • HP: 1/6
  • Capacity: 17.3 cu. ft

Kegco HK38SSU 3 Outdoor Kegerator Dispense

  • BUILT-IN OR FREESTANDING USE: Features a front-venting design that can be built in undercounter to provide a seamless look for your backyard BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. A stainless steel guard rail is included to prevent glasses or mugs from sliding off the top in freestanding applications. The attractive stainless steel door includes a lock to keep the contents secure, and both a towel bar and a curved handle are included for easy customization.
  • INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE 3-TAP PREMIUM DIRECT DRAW KIT: Kegco’s X-CLUSIVE Three-Tap Premium Direct Draw Kit comes complete with an empty 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank with electric red epoxy finish, a LH-542 Pro Series double gauge CO2 regulator, three Kegco KT85D-L “D” system lever handle keg couplers, a 3″ diameter polished stainless steel draft tower with three stainless faucets for 100% stainless contact, a 12″ x 7″ stainless drip tray, and a deluxe hand pump cleaning kit.
  • POWERFUL COOLING TECHNOLOGY: At 3200 BTUs, it has the most powerful compressor in its class, providing unprecedented cooling for fast recovery and temperature pulldown. Forced air refrigeration ensures that cold air is evenly distributed throughout the cabinet so there are no hot spots. Cold air is directed into the beer tower, ensuring that the lines are cold all the way up to the faucet so there’s less foam between pours.
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: Easily adjust and view the set temperature, toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit, or turn the interior light on and off with the push of a button. The controls can be accessed effortlessly at the front of the cabinet, out of the way of the dispense system. Temperature can be set between 23 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s cold enough for cold beer, coffee, kombucha, and even wine.
  • LARGE STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR: This kegerator measures 34-1/8″ H x 24″ W x 25″ D and features a beautiful stainless steel interior that is more durable and easy-to-clean than the plastic liner found in many competing models. Enough floor space is provided to house a full size keg, two quarter slim kegs, or up to three 5 gallon kegs, and two adjustable wire shelves are included to allow you to covert the beer dispenser into a refrigerator when you are in need of extra cold storage.

Kegco Kegerator Commercial Cooler Refrigerator

  • DIRECT DRAW KIT NOT INCLUDED: This kegerator comes with one single faucet draft beer tower and one dual faucet draft beer tower, but it DOES NOT include a direct draw kit. If you do not already own the necessary draft dispense components, you will need to purchase them before you can begin dispensing kegs using this kegerator. You will need a CO2 cylinder, a CO2 regulator, keg couplers that are compatible with the types of kegs that you will be dispensing, air line, and clamps.
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: The digital temperature display allows you to easily view the internal temperature without requiring you to open the door and disrupt cooling. The temperature can be adjusted between 31 degrees Fahrenheit and 41 degrees Fahrenheit using a manual dial conveniently located inside of the unit, allowing you to store and dispense your kegs at their ideal temperature. Beer is best dispensed between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • LARGE INTERIOR: This draft beer dispenser has a large enough interior capacity to accommodate three full size or pony kegs, up to six quarter slim kegs, and up to eleven 5 gallon kegs (with an externally mounted CO2 tank). The versatile beer keg refrigerator even comes with two heavy duty adjustable shelves, allowing you to store cans and bottles or keep your mugs frosty cold on one side while dispensing multiple 5 gallon kegs from the other side.
  • DURABLE COMMERCIAL GRADE CONSTRUCTION: This kegerator has a sturdy steel construction with a smooth black exterior, and has been designed to withstand the demands of commercial use. It features a rubber floor mat that reduces the shock of heavy kegs on the stainless steel floor, helping to ensure that it provides reliable performance for years to come. Built-in drip trays with external drains and secure door locks add to this unit’s convenience. Measures 36.2″ H x 72″ W x 24.5″ D.

SMETA Refrigerator Kegerator Dispenser Digital — Best Keg Refrigerator

  • Full size keg barrels: Holds US standard 1/2, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 kegs
  • Dual Tap Tower. Dimensions(W*D*H):24.8 x 20.1 x 33.5 inches
  • Adjustable Thermostat:Thermostatic temperature control allows you to adjust the internal temperature to dispense beer at its ideal temperature
  • Quick Cooling system: with “rapid cooling”button, let you drink a glass of coo beer when you desire drinking
  • Design of high end: with the casters at the bottom, easy to move; with drip tray, can filter out the residue and keep the top of the machine clean

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